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Strategic Planning

 ICNS will meet with you to assist you in the design of your program, then develop guidelines and a time table for you (and your speakers). We offer a wide range of services to fit your needs. You are encouraged to select one or all of the services offered. We are always flexible in your needs in order to ensure we meet your expectations. It is important that we take the time to get to know you and your meeting/event needs. We want to guarantee you a professional meeting with successful results! We will handle every aspect of the meeting coordination process from pre-registration and site selection through post-conference evaluation.

Site Selection and Contract Negotiation

Once you have designed your meeting, the next step will be to select a venue that will best represent the needs of the meeting. Finding a site that will best fit your meeting guidelines, and budget requirements is a very important detail. ICNS will assist you in this process by locating a suitable venue that will work best for your event and work to negotiate a contract which will best fit within your budget. What this entails:

~  An initial meeting is scheduled to determine your event criteria including space, sleeping room requirements and any other pertinent meeting/event needs.

~  A request for proposal is designed with the designated criteria and distributed to appropriate venues.

~  Information is collected from various sites and thoroughly reviewed and organized for comparison.

~  ICNS will consult with you during this process in order to assist you in selecting the best alternative for your needs.

~  Contracts are requested from the select choice(s) of sites and the negotiation process is initiated.

~  ICNS will review all contracts with you and determine which specific terms are best presented with each facility.

~  Once a site has been chosen, we will finalize negotiations with the selected venue and begin the planning process for your event!

Site Inspection  

We will travel to a site with you or on your behalf to perform an inspection of the facility. If you are interested in more than one location we will gladly provide you with a detailed comparison of each venue. This site inspection includes:  

~  Inspection of Guest Rooms

~  Inspection of Meeting/Event Space

~  Condition of the property

~  Layout of the facility

~  Level of service

~  Miscellaneous amenities that may influence the success of the event  

General Meeting Design  

ICNS will develop a comprehensive timeline which identifies every task that needs to be accomplished from the initial planning stage through the completion of the program. By monitoring the timeline throughout the planning process, we make sure that tasks are accomplished according to schedule. We will:  

~  Design Timelines and set goals

~  Plan and reveiw event details with Client

~  Schedule Planning and Review including meeting agenda templates

~  Vendor Selection (if applicable) and Management  

Budget Planning and Financial Management  

Planning a budget can be the most challenging aspect of any event. It is the most crucial piece to any meeting/event and requires much expertise and accuracy. Experience with meeting and event vendors allows us to prepare a budget that is realistic.  ICNS will create an initial working budget based on your specifications. We will review the initial budget with you and adjust it based on your input.  

ICNS will handle all speaker reimbursements, master accounts and reconciliation of meeting expenses, and present a financial summary to you after each meeting.  

ICNS will track and record all invoices, deposits, and payments and review each for accuracy, overseeing payment of meeting expenses.  

General Meeting Management  

~  Meeting Room Design and Site Logistics

~  Food and Beverage Planning

~  Audio-Visual Management

~  Sign Management

~  Communication and management of all speakers

~  Collection and Organization of all speaker/faculty materials

~  Facilitation of Hotel and Travel arrangements

~  Follow up with payments, permissions, disclosures and other details

Speaker Management  

Guidelines include specifications for:  

~  Audio-visual requirements and limitations

~  Syllabus material and preliminary outlines when necessary

~  Air and ground transportation and hotel accommodations

~  Honoraria or speaking fees

~  Keeping your speakers informed of requirements, deadlines, and changes to the program

~  Assisting speakers with any special requests and ensure that their needs are met

~  Collecting speaker materials, add any other necessary meeting related content and arrange an organized syllabus for printing

Participant Coordination and/or Registration  
Your audience and/or invited guests are the key to your successful event. ICNS can customize this service to include all or some of these needs for your event.  

~  Registration of participant information and fees

~  Organizing air travel and ground transportation

~  Arranging for accommodations

On-Site Management and Staffing  

We realize the importance of being on-site to make sure that everything runs according to schedule. The on-site manager handles multiple responsibilities and offers viable solutions to problems that may arise. Our on-site services include the coordination of: registration check-in, meal functions and breaks, audio-visual requirements, transcription and/or translation services, trade show management, excursions, and any other services necessary to make the meeting a success. The on-site manager's duties can include the following:  

~  Meeting with the facility's management and staff to review the needs and goals of the meeting prior to the meeting/event and arrival of guests

~  Set up of the meeting registration area including the organization of meeting handouts or other materials

~  Posting signs to efficiently manage traffic flow

~  Managing the meeting room and audio-visual setup

~  Coordinating and managing exhibitors' display/booth requirements

~  Tracking and Managing food and beverage set up and consumption

~  Monitoring and adjusting the meeting schedule, food and beverage breaks, and other related events in coordination with the speakers and/or the meeting director

~  Arranging to have all conference materials arrive on-site in a timely manner

~  Supervision and coordination of the cleanup, packing, shipping and delivery of all meeting materials from the facility.





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